Zazen: Introduction to Buddhism and seated meditation

To study Buddhism is to study the self, to study the self is to forget the self.

Dogen Kigen (道元希玄)

Zen Buddhism is a mixture of Indian Mahayana Buddhism and Taoism. It began in China and was introduced to Japan in the 12th century during the Kamakura period (1185–1333). Then, the Samurai, Japan’s warrior caste, were practitioners of Zen Buddhism.

The essence of Zen Buddhism is that all human beings are Buddha, and that all they have to do is to discover that truth for themselves.

The practice of Zen meditation or Zazen (座禅), “za” meaning sitting, and “Zen” meaning meditation in Japanese, is the core of Zen Buddhism: without it, there is no Zen. It is a way of vigilance and self-discovery which is practiced while sitting.

Join us and experience Zazen in the quiet and stillness of a Buddhist temple, calm your heart and erase all of the negativity from your mind.

  • Departure Point: TBD
  • Departure Time: TBD
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Days: Monday to Friday
  • Max # of people: up to 2
  • Inclusion: Neighborhood visit
  • Price: Please contact us to inquire about pricing

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