Gourmet and Tastes Of Japan

Of the Japanese cuisine nihon ryôri (日本 料理) or washoku (和 食), we mainly know sushi, yakitori and sashimi, now omnipresent worldwide and declined in a multitude of variants more or less traditional. But Japanese cuisine is not limited to this, far from it.

Accompanied traditionally with green tea or sake … and sometimes wine, Japanese cuisine honoured by Unesco, is recognized for its extreme refinement and the visual appearance of the dishes is as important as the taste of food. With us and our sister company Private Tours Japan, you will discover…

  • Izakaya, Japanese pub – casual place for after-work drinking. A quintessential Japan experience and a wonderful way to spend the evening and see the real night life of Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto with local specialty dishes and sake.
  • Kaiseki, the Japanese “Haute Cuisine” – Consisting of a succession of dishes, the Kaiseki is the artistic work of Japanese cuisine where perfection is found in every little detail.
  • Katsunuma, Its vineyards & Koshu tasting (from Tokyo only) – You might think “Wine in Japan?”. With our wine expert, we offer a day in the region of Katsunuma, Japan’s most prestigious wine region.

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