Mount Koya Private Tour: Japan’s Holiest Mountain

Mount Koya, or Koya-san (高 野山) is a sacred mountain in the Wakayama Prefecture, south of Osaka, and is the religious capital of a branch of Buddhism: Shingon School, imported from China in 806 by Kukai , which received permission from the emperor to build a monastery there.

Set in ancient cedar forests on a plateau at 800 m altitude, the site is surrounded by eight peaks, making it look like a Lotus flower and its petals, a key element in Buddhist symbolism.

Most revered Shingon Buddhist site of Japan, it welcomes each year more than 1 million pilgrims.

After becoming a city, Koya possesses a religious studies university and many temples offer hospitality to many pilgrims and tourists.

Journey Highlights…

Okuno-in Cemetery / Kongōbu-ji Temple / Garan / Koyasan-Reihokan

We can give you the necessary information to spend a night in one of the temples.

Rates (group of up to six (6) people)

  • 10 hours Private Experience: JPY52.000
  • This tour can also be done with private car.


  • Hotel pick up.
  • Your guide’s transportation.


  • Food and drink costs. Please pay for the guide’s lunch.
  • Your transportation and entrances (~JPY4.000/day/pers.)