Cultural Experience Tokyo

The cultural experiences introduced here are deeply related to the everyday life of the Japanese people in areas such as leisure, art or learning.

With our sister company Private Tours Japan we are pleased to collaborate with the best experts and offer a unique experience for visitors in Tokyo and we sincerely hope that you will join us.

  • Private Japanese Tea Ceremony – Chanoyu (茶 の 湯) Workshop.
  • Join us for Wagashi (和菓子) – Japanese Sweet Making Workshop.
  • Make Washi (和 紙) – Japanese Traditional Paper making Workshop.
  • Enjoy Shodo (書 道) – The Art of Japanese Calligraphy Workshop.
  • Learn Kintsugi (金 継 ぎ) – The Art of repairing ceramics Workshop.
  • Discover Kitsuke (着 付) – The Art of Kimono Dressing Workshop.
  • Learn Furoshiki (風 呂 敷) – Traditional Japanese wrapping cloth Workshop.
  • Introduction to the practice of Zazen (座 禅) – Learn the sitting meditation and the basics of Buddhism.

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