Hanami, Cherry Blossom Viewing

Visiting Japan during the cherry blossom season is a unforgettable experience. And one the oldest and best example of Japanese beauty is the tradition of hanami.  Hanami (花見), which means “flower viewing” is the popular tradition of observing the Japanese cherry blossom when they are in full bloom.  These flowers are called sakura. For example we propose you to join us for:

Tokyo‘s best hanami spots, a picnic lunch and the Sumida River night-time Sakura Cruise.

Fujigoko (Fuji 5 lakes) and the Chureito Pagoda which seems to float in a sea of sakura at the foot of Mount Fuji.

Kyoto best hanami temples and shrines with a Sagano Romantic Train ride from Osaka.

A hike of Mount Yoshino and its 30.000 cherry trees. Japan’s most famous hanami spot for many centuries.

And of course, Nikko, Kamakura…all cities we offer day tours.

There are hundreds of places to view cherry blossoms through out Japan, let us know your plan and we’ll organize things for you.

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