Nara: The Sacred Deer City

Nara (奈良) was in the 8th century the first fixed capital of Japan, under the name of Heijo-kyo (平城 京), as before, according to the Shinto beliefs, death was impure and it was necessary to destroy everything that was related to the Emperor after his death.

Often overshadowed by its more famous neighbor Kyoto, Nara is omitted from many tourist’s itinerary.

However, Nara is home to many important historical sites, such as Todai-ji Temple, the world’s largest wooden structure, with its Daibutsuden (Hall of the Great Buddha), and today preserves its main sights much more attractively than Kyoto within Nara Park and its Sacred Deer and neighborhoods like Naramachi.

Many travelers go to Nara to see the statue of the Great Buddha and the sacred deers, but you not only.

Journey Highlights…

Nara Park / Isuien Garden / Yakushiji Temple / Toshodaiji Temple / Naramachi / Heijo Palace

If you have three or four days in Kyoto/Osaka, we also suggest making this day trip.

Full day (08 hours)
1 person JPY29.000
2 persons JPY17.000/pers.
3 persons JPY13.000/pers.
~ 6 persons JPY11.000/pers.

For more than 6 persons please contact us.

  • Departure Point: Hotel Lobby
  • Ending point: TBD
  • Departure Time: TBD
  • Days: Everyday
  • Max # of person: up to 6
  • Transportation: Public transport


  • Your private and personalized tour
  • Your guide transportation, entrance fees and her/his lunch up to JPY1.000


  • Your transportation and entrance fees (~JPY3.000/day/pers.)
  • Your lunch
  • Taxi if requested