Hidden Tokyo: The secrets of YaNeSen

A shitamachi (下町) was originally an area of the Edo period where the common people lived. The word shitamachi is composed of the word shita meaning “down” and machi meaning “town,” and one can often see it translated into English literally as “downtown”.

Affectionately known as YaNeSen (Yanaka-Nezu-Sendagi), the area was miraculously spared the destruction of the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 and the carnage of the bombings in WW2, which explain why it has managed to retain the tranquillity and charm of an old town.

The area also developed into a temple town in the Edo period, for various reasons such as protecting Edo Castle, escaping from fire and earthquakes…

With your guide you will definitely encounter retro scenes of Tokyo where visitors can experience the atmosphere of an unspoiled, traditional urban quarter.

Journey Highlights…

Yanaka Cemetery / Tennoji Temple / Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street / The Backstreets / Yanaka Earthen Wall / Nezu Shrine

1/2 day (4 hours)
1 person JPY15.000/pers.
2 persons JPY9.000/pers.
3 persons JPY7.000/pers.
~ 6 persons JPY6.000/pers.

For more than 6 persons please contact us.

  • Departure Point: Hotel Lobby
  • Ending point: TBD
  • Departure Time: TBD
  • Days: Everyday
  • Max # of person: up to 6
  • Transportation: Public transport
  • We can organize, a tea ceremony, a kimono experience with a professional photographer


  • Your private and personalized tour
  • Your guide transportation and her/his lunch up to JPY1.000


  • Your transportation (~JPY500/day/pers.)
  • Your lunch
  • The tea ceremony and kimono exprience if requested