Behind the Sliding Door: Dinner with Geisha

Experience the true, authentic taste of traditional Japan with a private Kaiseki Dinner with Geisha.

The history of the geisha (芸者) dates back to the early 1.600s during the Edo Period, when the Japanese government was very focused on maintaining morality. This meant that entertainers and prostitutes were then allowed to work if they were licensed and in a specific area of a city, such as the historic Gion district of Kyoto.

They are professional entertainers and social companions, skilled in the arts of conversation, music, dance, literature and tea ceremony.

In Kyoto, Geiko (芸子) is the exact term for “geisha.” They have completed each stage of their training and may charge full price to attend parties or engagements.

In a Machiya (町屋/町家), a traditional wooden townhouses in the historical capital of Kyoto and registered as National Cultural Heritage in 1999, spend a special time with geisha or maiko (apprentice geisha).

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