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Unlimited Internet Access

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Unlimited Pocket Wifi Rental

Renting a pocket wifi router is one of the most economical ways of staying connected while traveling in Japan.

Our Offer

  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • Enabling Hybrid 4G LTE (High Speed)
  • Can connect to up to 10 devices
  • Supports all types of devices: smartphones,laptops and other portable consoles
  • Hotel Delivery everywhere in Japan with prepaid envelop for return

Price in JPY/router

3 days 3,000
4 days 3,500
5 days 4,000
6 days 4,500
7 days 5,000
8 days 5,500
9 days 6,000
10 days and more From 6,500


– Upon Request

Please be sure to read our FAQ to see what is included in the tour fee, other details and seasonal pricing.