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4G Access everywhere in Japan

Renting a pocket wifi router is one of the most economical ways of staying connected while traveling in Japan.

In Japan, there will most certainly be wifi in your accommodation. You will also find it in many restaurants, cafes, bars and other public spaces such as airports and museums. Some cities also add public wifi in the main city centers.

But some visitors find that wifi is less common in Japan, even in Tokyo than in other countries, especially super-wired countries like Singapore, etc.

Pocket WiFis in Japan usually allow 5 to 10 devices to be connected simultaneously to it. So it is a great option for couples, families or groups to stay connected when traveling around Japan. It is fast and also offers more data than a SIM card.

Our Offer

  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • Enabling Hybrid 4G LTE (High Speed)
  • Can connect to up to 10 devices
  • Supports all types of devices: smartphones,laptops and other portable consoles
  • Hotel Delivery everywhere in Japan with prepaid envelop for return

Price in JPY/router

3 days 3,000
4 days 3,500
5 days 4,000
6 days 4,500
7 days 5,000
8 days 5,500
9 days 6,000
10 days and more From 6,500

Pocket WiFi Rental


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