Ai ni Kotaeru White Day - Answer Love on White Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on two different dates in Japan, Valentine’s Day and White Day (Howaito dē). The first is for men, the second for women and they do not offer cards but chocolate instead. These two days are only for commercial purposes and chocolates companies make more than half of their annual sales during these two events.
On White Day (March 14) men are supposed to give return gifts to women who gifted them chocolates on Valentine’s Day. If they received Giri-choco “courtesy chocolate”, they give white chocolates, while if they received Honmei-choco “true feeling chocolate”, men offer lingerie (preferably white) or jewellery instead, but has to be “sanbai gaeshi” or “triple return“. The gift that man will offer must be at least triple what he received.
For teenagers, the young do not offer chocolate to their valentine, but a white ribbon. If the girl tied it to her hair or her wrist, this confirms that the feelings are mutual and that she is his valentine.
No worry if you are single, the Black Day, next month on April 14, you will all gather together and eat Jajangmyeon or black noodles…but in Korea.