Stinky, sticky beans...the Natto

Among all the soybean found in Japanese cuisine, natto, the sticky, fermented soybeans generally served over rice is probably the hardest to get visitors to eat. Even some Japanese people ponder about it.
Even those who don’t like natto confess it is very good for you, that it reduces blood clots and that it’s good for circulation. It’s with no preservatives, high in protein, with a lot of dietary fiber and “trendily” gluten free.
So why does it stink?
The bad image of its smells comes from the industrial, mass-manufactured foods. Fresh natto is different in texture and smell. Equal to beef in protein, it’s also 9 times richer than beef in vitamin and 3 times richer in vitamin B2. It helps improve the immune system.
So please give it a try when in Japan. At My Japan Guide we have a rule which is to make you discover this Japanese “delicacy” and it’s our gift to everyone touring with us.