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Obon: The festival of the dead

Obon (お盆): The festival of the dead takes place mid-August…
13/08/2017/by Yoko

Drainspotting – Japanese Manhole get collectible and spotting cards

Street-art sometimes prompt where it is least expected.
In Japan,…
03/03/2016/by Yoko

Shichi-Go-San Festival

Shichi-Go-San (literally “seven-five-three”) is a Japanese custom observed on November 15. It is a day of prayer for the healthy growth of young children.
15/11/2017/by Yoko

Onsen, the art of bathing in Japan

During your trip to Japan, you plan to visit shrines and temples,…
05/03/2016/by Yoko

Yokohama Triennale 2017

The Yokohama Triennial is Japan's largest contemporary art event,…
31/07/2017/by Yoko

&AND HOSTEL Japan first advanced IoT smart-hotel

Smart home, smart business, IoT (Internet of Things) technology…
08/06/2016/by Yoko

Koyo viewing on Mount Takao

"Koyo" is the Japanese word for leaves color change, during the…
06/10/2016/by Yoko

Katsuura Big Hina Matsuri – Dolls Festival

There are many exhibitions of traditional dolls throughout Japan, but Katsuura Big Hina Matsuri in Chiba is by far the biggest Hina dolls display in Japan.
02/03/2016/by Yoko

KFC a Christmas Day tradition in Japan

Taking your family out for fried chicken at KFC on Christmas Day? If you were living in Japan you would. “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!”
23/12/2017/by Yoko

Sushi: The Japanese fast food

It has a chic, upscale image, but sushi has always been fast food. 100 years ago, it was served in large pieces catering to travelers.
03/09/2016/by Yoko
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