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Fukubukuro Lucky Bags in Japan

What is Fukubukuro? Lucky Bags for New Year filled with unknown random goods sold at a big discount in order to attract customers.
31/12/2017/by My Japan Guide

Togyu – Bull Sumo

Little known to most of the world, the country of Japan has its own bull fighting tradition called Tōgyū (闘牛) also known as ushi-zumo or Bull Sumo.
23/11/2017/by My Japan Guide

100 Years of Japanese Beauty

Cut Channel continues its world tour of the evolution of beauty…
26/02/2016/by My Japan Guide

Mount Fuji – Shibazakura Festival

The Mount Fuji Shibazakura Festival is one of the best and most popular occasions nationwide to see shibazakura (pink moss or phlox moss in English).
19/04/2017/by My Japan Guide

Hanabi – Summer in Japan, the season of fireworks!

Summertime in Japan is the season to go out with friends and…
15/07/2017/by My Japan Guide

Ai ni Kotaeru White Day – Answer Love on White Day

Ai ni Kotaeru White Day (Answer Love on White Day), day for men to return the favor to the women for the chocolates they received on Valentine's Day.
14/03/2016/by My Japan Guide

Fish & Soul, the death of Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market

The famous Tsukiji market in Tokyo (築地市場), the biggest…
24/03/2016/by My Japan Guide

Japan Vineyards and Wineries

Japan Vineyards and Wineries. Far from the first thing most visitors to Japan think about, the country is producing beautiful wines
20/06/2016/by My Japan Guide

Japan’s best Sakura spots

Want to enjoy spring the Japanese way? Join us between March…
10/03/2017/by My Japan Guide

Fireflies Festival in Tokyo

From the end of May and throughout June is the firefly season…
03/06/2016/by My Japan Guide
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