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&AND HOSTEL Japan first advanced IoT smart-hotel

Smart home, smart business, IoT (Internet of Things) technology…
08/06/2016/by My Japan Guide

Yokohama Triennale 2017

The Yokohama Triennial is Japan's largest contemporary art event,…
31/07/2017/by My Japan Guide

Ai ni Kotaeru White Day – Answer Love on White Day

Ai ni Kotaeru White Day (Answer Love on White Day), day for men to return the favor to the women for the chocolates they received on Valentine's Day.
14/03/2016/by My Japan Guide

The JR Pass soon available for purchase in Japan

Japan Railways plans for visitors who forgot to buy the JR Pass…
02/04/2016/by My Japan Guide

Tokyo streets Real-life Mario Kart drive

This service, proposed by "Maricar", allow you to rent karts…
01/03/2016/by My Japan Guide

Sushi: The Japanese fast food

It has a chic, upscale image, but sushi has always been fast food. 100 years ago, it was served in large pieces catering to travelers.
03/09/2016/by My Japan Guide

Japan drives on the Left?

Japan drives on the Left? Some say Samurai had already made rules regarding the side of the road pedestrians could walk on. England? NO. Romans.
16/03/2016/by My Japan Guide

Discovering Kanazawa and Takayama

If your travel trip allows 2 weeks to explore Japan, consider…
18/08/2016/by My Japan Guide

Mount Fuji – Shibazakura Festival

The Mount Fuji Shibazakura Festival is one of the best and most popular occasions nationwide to see shibazakura (pink moss or phlox moss in English).
19/04/2017/by My Japan Guide

Yuyake Koyake Song – Children finishing school

Yuyake koyake (Sunrise, Sunset) is a popular children song composed…
28/02/2016/by My Japan Guide
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