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KFC a Christmas Day tradition in Japan

Taking your family out for fried chicken at KFC on Christmas Day? If you were living in Japan you would. “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!”
23/12/2017/by My Japan Guide

&AND HOSTEL Japan first advanced IoT smart-hotel

Smart home, smart business, IoT (Internet of Things) technology…
08/06/2016/by My Japan Guide

Drainspotting – Japanese Manhole get collectible and spotting cards

Street-art sometimes prompt where it is least expected.
In Japan,…
03/03/2016/by My Japan Guide

Japanese Omiyage Culture

The Omiyage literally means "earth product", and this is a typical…
08/03/2016/by My Japan Guide

Bee comfortable: Japan Capsule Hotel

Want to sleep in a Capsule Hotel in Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka? Here is a list of some of the coolest ones you who want to enjoy experiencing in Japan.
16/05/2016/by My Japan Guide

Yuyake Koyake Song – Children finishing school

Yuyake koyake (Sunrise, Sunset) is a popular children song composed…
28/02/2016/by My Japan Guide

Ai ni Kotaeru White Day – Answer Love on White Day

Ai ni Kotaeru White Day (Answer Love on White Day), day for men to return the favor to the women for the chocolates they received on Valentine's Day.
14/03/2016/by My Japan Guide

The best “Restaurant” Trains in Japan

At My Japan Guide, we love train and Japan is a "train Empire".…
07/06/2016/by My Japan Guide

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan – Oldest hotel in the world

Nestled amid scenic hot springs in the mountains, Nishiyama Onsen…
04/03/2016/by My Japan Guide

Heading to Fuji Rock Festival 2017

The Fuji Rock Festival, Japan's biggest outdoor music festivals…
13/07/2017/by My Japan Guide
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