Are you in Japan early January, just after New Year?
If so, you will notice many stores selling bags (usually red and white) called Fukubukuro (福袋) or Lucky Bags in Japanese. But the catch is that customers can’t look inside the bags before buying them.
Those bags are a post-New Years tradition in Japan and most stores offer them. They fill the bags with various goods from the previous year they need to get rid of to make room for new ones…and they sell the bags at a big discount, often 50% or more.
Stores offer different price ranged bags, usually JPY3.000, JPY5.000 and JPY10.000, with of course, some stores where it can be priced higher or lower depending on the type of items the store sells.
Young women line up outside the trendiest women’s fashions stores before they open and as soon as the doors open, it’s a mad rush to buy the Fukubukuro.
Some of them in Tokyo’s stores are known to be all sold within minutes.
If patient enough to line up, be sure not to miss out the Lucky Bag frenzy!