G-cans The Underground Temple

You have already visited every Tokyo temples? So why not go to G-cans, an underground temple.

Built between 1992 and 2006 and located on the outskirts of Tokyo, the “Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel”, more commonly known as the G-Cans is an underground storm drain system that consists of five containment concrete silos 65m high and a diameter of 32m, connected by 6.4 km tunnels, all 50 m beneath the surface.

G-can The Underground TempleBut mainly a huge reservoir 177m long, 78m wide and 25.4m high, nicknamed “The Temple” and which with its pillars looks like a majestic and mystical temple.

The G-Can is a fascinating tourist destination and when not flooded, tours are conducted twice daily, Tuesday to Friday, but only in Japanese.

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