Echigo Toki Meki Resort Setsugekka

On April 23, 2016 the newly designed, silver vermilion Setsugekka (雪月花, lit. “Snow, Moon, Flowers”) train started its operation on weekend and holidays in Niigata Precture, on a day tour back and forth between the Jōetsumyōkō Station and Itoigawa Station.Echigo Toki Meki Resort Setsugekka
The journey is approximately 3 hours, sitting in spacious chair, with superb view of the Sea of Japan from the nation’s largest train panoramic window and watching the majestic mountains of Myoko referred to as Echigo Fuji.
Meals on the train are prepared by Michelin two-star rated French cuisine chef Ryuta Iizuka. Chef-owner of Restaurant Ryuzu, using local ingredients.
Jōetsumyōkō Station departure including the meal “snow course” is 14,800 yen and the “Hana course” is 6,000 yen.

Contact us if you are interested about the journey.