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Nagoya with a Local Guide

Nagoya (名古屋市) is a Japanese city often overlooked by foreign tourists, but is full of interesting attractions for visitors.

Third largest city in Japan, Nagoya is one-and-a-half hours from Tokyo and just over an hour from Osaka. Its station, nicknamed Mei-eki, is also the largest in the world.

The city has the advantage of being located between the sea and the mountain, and it is the gateway to Kanazawa, Takayama, and other destinations in the region.

The Nagoya Castle is the symbol and pride of the city, which was the base of the Tokugawa clan to protect the region between Edo (Tokyo) and Osaka.

Now a modern metropolis, Nagoya is one of the most economically dynamic cities in Japan.

In the evening, immerse yourself in the urban jungle of Nagoya from the Sky Promenade. Discover Shotengai Endoji, the oldest shopping and entertainment arcade in the city, and the surrounding neighborhoods of Endoji and Shikemichi.

The street food in the Osu shopping street, connecting the temples of Osu Kannon and Banshoji. We also recommend trying the famous chicken wings, accompanied by a red miso beer.

A perfect evening, combined with a visit to the brand new Ghibli Park.

The tour will take you to

  • Sky Promenade
  • Osu shopping district
  • Shotengai Endoji
  • Shikemichi historic street
  • Secret izakaya
  • Option: Full day (8 hours)

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Nagoya Private Tour

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