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Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshop

Tea plants were introduced from China during the 8th century, by Japanese Buddhist monks. It’s in the Uji district around Kyoto, that the first tea-plant growing in Japan began, and today Uji is still renowned for producing top-quality matcha, we propose you to discover.

It’s again the monks who perfected the art of stone-grinding tea leaves into fine powder, making the first true matcha. They also developed the tea ceremony, which was a spiritual practice of mindfulness and meditation.

Your host and expert will greet you dressed in traditional Japanese kimono and you will be served and learn how to serve green tea and seasonal Japanese confections, The Urasanke way, name of one of the main schools of Japanese tea ceremony. You will also learn the principles of chado — (和wa) harmony, (敬kei) respect, (清sei) purity and (寂jyaku) tranquility.

This experience will be a  sip of tradition and a reminder to be more mindful and focused through life.

Please note that this is a workshop, if you want to experience a traditional tea ceremony we can recommend you with some of the finest tea house in Japan.

You can combine with additional experiences, such as Kitsuke (Japanese kimono) with hairstyling, make-up and photo-shooting or Wagashi (Japanese Sweet Making) for an additional cost.

Experience available in Tokyo, Kyoto and Kanazawa.

Chanoyu - Japanese Tea Ceremony


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Adult(s) – 15 years and over
Children – 6 – 14 years
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