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Japanese Sweet Making

Japanese Sweet Making Workshop

Wagashi (和菓子) is a traditional Japanese sweet made of sweetened bean paste called anko, rice and fruits and is often served with a bowl of matcha in the Japanese tea ceremony.

Each piece is tiny, exquisitely designed and depict some aspect of seasons. For example, the month of April emphasizes the cherry blossom season. As a result, most sweets will evoke the feeling of springy, pinky cherry blossoms.

There are two types of wagashi served in a tea ceremony depending on the type of matcha.

When served with usucha (薄茶) a thin matcha, it is called higashi (干菓子), a dry sweet often made of rice, flour or the finest quality of wasanbon (和三盆) Japanese grained sugar.

Wagashi served with koicha (濃茶), thick matcha is called omogashi (主菓子) often made of bean paste, sesame, rice, sweet potato and sugar.

Join us for an introduction to Japanese sweets and you will make your own wagashi reflecting your visit’s season.

You can combine with additional experience, Chanoyu (Tea Ceremony) for an additional cost.

Experience available in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Kanazawa.

Wagashi - Japanese Sweet Making


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