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Biwako Biennale 2022 with an art curator

In Japanese, there’s the expression geijutsu no aki (芸術の秋), or “autumn is for the arts” (literally, “autumn of the arts”).

The Biwako Biennale is an international art exhibition that began in 2001, in a bid to preserve traditional Japanese merchant houses and buildings.

This year the Biwako Biennale will be celebrating its 10th edition in the fall of 2022. It will take place from October 8th to November 27th, 2022 in the cities of Omi-Hachiman and Hikone in Shiga prefecture.

It is a rare art event that highlights the beauty of old Japanese houses, where contemporary art pieces accent spaces that people occupied in the olden days.

The exhibitions are scattered throughout 18 venues, most of which are buildings from the Edo period (17th – 19th century), including Hikone Castle.

Passing from one place to another, visitors will be able to appreciate works of art while taking a stroll between the Edo era and our time.

About 70 artists and art units from Japan and around the world will gather to highlight the fleeting beauty of autumn, for a period of one and a half months.

Animated by works of contemporary artists, the long abandoned buildings will enchant the public throughout the festival.

You will get to enjoy the fusion of Japanese-style architecture with contemporary art.


  • Take an in-depth journey with a contemporary art curator
  • Learn about the contemporary art scene in Japan
  • See hidden treasures of the modern art world
  • Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience
  • Explore hidden gems and unique destinations in rural Japan

Biwako Biennale 2022

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