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The Crow Castle in the Japanese Alps

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Matsumoto with a Local Guide

Located in the prefecture of Nagano, in the heart of Chubu, Matsumoto is the pearl of the Japanese Alps. Surrounded by lush greenery and with the changes in season, Matsumoto (松本) offers breathtaking landscapes, like the Kamikochi National Park, a national park of stunning natural beauty.

Matsumoto Castle is listed as a National Treasure of Japan, and is one of the twelve remaining original tenshu in Japan. Known as the “Crow Castle” due to its black exterior and its storied structure make it unique to other castles in Japan.

The city and its castle’s history is intrinsically linked to the Samurai’s history and wandering through its historic streets (Nawate, Nakamachi), will make you feel the atmosphere of the Edo era.

In Matsumoto, you will also find one of the oldest miso breweries in Japan, still producing miso in the uniquely traditional and natural way. It is also the ideal place to discover Matsumoto’s local specialty: Toji soba.

Close to town are also many local Wasabi farms, including the largest farm in Japan!

Discover Matsumoto and soak up its authentic atmosphere, walk in the footsteps of samurai and experience the local culture while enjoying a rural getaway at the foot of the Japanese Alps.

The tour will take you to

  • Matsumoto Castle
  • Kamikochi
  • Nakamachi district
  • Nawate “Frog Street”
  • Japan Ukiyo-e Museum

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Matsumoto Private Tour

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