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Discover Kaiseki, the Japanese Haute Cuisine with a food expert

Private & Customizable

Upon Request

Up to 4 persons

2 hours

Pronounced “kaiseki“, it can be written in two ways, with different kanji (Chinese characters) and two different meanings. One (懐石) has the same kanji as chakaiseki (茶懐石), which is the formal tea (cha) ceremony, with kaiseki a modest meal with strict rules, served as a preliminary to enjoying matcha.

In fact, kaiseki means “stones in the bosom” which refers to the stones (seki, or 石) that ascetic Zen monks were placing in their robes (kai, or 懐), on their stomachs, to fight hunger.

Today, kaiseki (会席) is known as a social meeting (kai, or 会), with seating (seki, or 席), that pays respect to sake as much as tea. Relaxed in its rules, this form of kaiseki has become luxurious and elaborate compared to its humble roots and is now the Japanese version of Haute Cuisine, the ultimate in Japanese fine dining.

We could book for you some of the finest restaurants in Japan but with your food expert you’ll learn about the history ofjapanese gastronomy and taste small seasonal plates served in succession, that balances the taste, texture, appearance, and colors of food, pushing rice to the end not to conflict with the sake.


  • Please contact us to inquire about pricing
  • + 4 guests, contact us for an estimate

Terms of payment

  • 25% deposit paid upon booking
  • Balance paid 35 days before the tour


  • Hotel or station pick up
  • English speaking food & wine expert
  • Private car
  • dinner


  • Extra food and drink costs


  • This tour is not suitable for person under 20 years old (legal adult age in Japan)
  • This is not suitable for person under 14 years old
  • In the unplanned event of using taxis instead of public transportation, extra fees may apply
  • We can also arrange a private car

Booking request

Please fill in the details below and we will reply within 24 hours.

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