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Unleash the full potential of your team with Japanese cultural experiences

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Awareness of and sensitivity to other cultures is also important in global groups.

Our online team-building events connect you and your team directly with Japan’s best cultural experiences.

With our virtual events, you team can access Japan from anywhere in the world, meet locals, experience the sights and even learn new skills and hobbies.

New places, culture, experiences: why our Virtual Events broaden the mind

Some of the major benefits include :

  • Improving confidence; enabling your team to deal with the challenges of leadership
  • Facilitate trust and collaboration
  • The opportunity to immerse themself in a new culture
  • Foster creativity and diverse mindsets
  • Create passion with your team

Some of our Virtual Events & Experiences

Takigyo – Waterfall Meditation

Shinto purification ritual

An ascetic practice whose purpose is to purify and strengthen one’s mind, body, and soul.

Chanoyu – Tea Ceremony

Mindfulness and meditation

Learn the principles of chado — (和wa) harmony, (敬kei) respect, (清sei) purity and (寂jyaku) tranquility.

Kyoto – Heritage and Tradition

Inside Kyoto, Japan’s Former Capital

Enjoy the history and culture of Kyoto start and looking forward to your next trip !

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